3 Things You Should Know About Cheap Pet Insurance

When you decide to take a pet into your family, they aren’t just animals anymore; they become a member after a short time. While you can never put a price on a family member’s life or health, you want to provide the best protection you’re able. There are many different companies selling you their policies but what do they really mean at their core? Some are rather expensive and some are affordable. It’s hard to tell sometimes if you’re sacrificing quality when you find insurance that works for your budget. The truth is that you don’t need to get the most expensive policy out there. You just need to know what to look for.

What is Cheap Pet Insurance?

Cheap pet insurance is an inexpensive policy that covers your pet in cases of illness, injury, and sometimes theft and death. Veterinary bills can be quite costly depending on the issue. While it’s true that expensive pet insurance will cover more scenarios, the most basic ones will help you with the common problems, which is the important difference.

This means that while they may be able to better take care of your pet, the cost of medicine and treatment will be more.

What Does a Policy Entail?

A cheap pet insurance policy will cover up to 90% of the veterinary bill. This is huge considering that the average vet visit is between 50 and 250 dollars (checkups and shots).

The pet owner will usually pay for the bill at the time of service and then send the insurance company their claim. However, in cases of really expensive bills, don’t worry too much about it. The vet will often defer payment until your claim has been processed.

Recently, insurance companies have added coverage for spaying and neutering in addition to vaccines. You should also be aware that some policies may also differ in yearly allotments, pet lifespan, and coverage of pre-existing conditions.

What is Covered With Cheap Pet Insurance?

Different policies cover different ailments. Many insurance companies allow you to customize your plan to cover certain problems. Pet insurance can cover everything from worms to hip replacement. However, not all policies cover hereditary issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or cataracts.

Keep in mind, it’s best to thoroughly go over the policy with your insurance company to better understand what they will and will not cover. This will give you the necessary knowledge to prepare for any circumstance.

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