Trupanion Pet Insurance Reviews

trupanion pet insurance review

If you’re in the market for pet insurance like Trupanion, a great way to determine the quality of this insurance company is by examining Trupanion and their policies more closely. Trupanion likes to simplify your life by having one convenient plan that takes care of all your needs. You can choose to add extra policies and really customize your plan to perfectly suit your pet.

Trupanion Pet Insurance Reviews

Among the many positive reviews that Trupanion proudly displays on their page, the consensus seems to focus on their 90% coverage, excellent rates, and various options for deductibles.

With Trupanion, the treatment for your dog’s ear infection would be covered upwards of 50%. Out of pocket costs without a plan would easily exceed $4000. If you consider the amount you put into your premiums, you’d save quite a bit of money. There have even been Trupanion Pet Insurance Reviews where monthly fees have been lowered after 10 months.

Trupanion Pet Insurance seems to shift focus more towards customer service and helping people in a way that is more direct and personal. Their reviews reflect the values they hold as a business and that seems pretty solid from all their positive comments. Instead of sticking you with one plan that doesn’t quite fit, they can include policies that cover the age, breed, and condition of your pet, in addition to having the option of choosing a deductible between $50 and $1000.

Trupanion Pet Insurance vs. Other Pet Insurance

Want to know exactly what you’d be getting, how much you’d save, and all the fine print? At the Trupanion website, this info is laid out in clear terms.

Trupanion also offers coverage for kittens and cats at some of the lowest rates anywhere else online. A helpful comparison table on the Trupanion website allows you to contrast the details of insurance plans offered by eight major competitors.

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