What does Pet Insurance Cover?

In the broadest sense, you can think of pet insurance as you do with your own medical insurance. It gives you an affordable way to cover the health of your pet for almost all injuries and illnesses so you can have your pet back to perfect health in no time at all. Like health insurance, you simply pay small monthly premiums and the provider of your choice will cover most of the cost of your pet’s surgery or medication.

What does Pet Insurance Cover? (Basic Plans)

As with your health insurance, you have a variety of plans and providers to choose one. It’s recommended you thoroughly research their policies on your pet’s specific breed and choose the best option for them.

Typically, most pet insurance companies cover accidents and illnesses. These are usually things like surgery for a broken leg or object removal if they swallow something. Illnesses usually refer to a curable disease or chronic illnesses that simply require daily medication.

In addition to prescribed medications and surgery, most pet insurance plans will also cover routine care, such as exams, tests, x-rays, and vaccinations that are required by law.
While basic plans cover the most likely scenarios that the average dog is likely to encounter, many providers will also offer policies that cover more in-depth problems for a higher monthly premium. Most pre-existing conditions, that are common for a certain breed, won’t be included and you may need to look into their more expensive pet insurance plans as a result.

What does Pet Insurance Cover? (Cost)

Depending on the price and your coverage, you will most likely pay that fee upfront and be reimbursed by your company for 80-90% of the cost. The average monthly premium ranges from company to company and can be anywhere from 50-200 dollars.

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