AKC Pet Insurance

Many pet owners don’t realize they can actually get health insurance for their fine furry friends. With visits to the vet annually increasing, investing in health insurance can help cover the cost. With this in mind, you need to find a pet insurance company and policy that’s right for you. AKC Pet Insurance is one of the largest names out there. Read the information below to learn if AKC is right for you and your pet.

AKC Pet Insurance Plans

AKC Pet Insurance offers several different plans that you can choose from. In addition, AKC goes above and beyond by giving people with more than one pet multiple discounts. They break down their plans into two different categories (Companion Select and Companion Plus). You can also customize and add to your plan as you see fit.

The insurance benefits that you receive depend on which plan you decide to go with. While the Companion Select plan covers some of the most common things that your pet will need (accidents, tests, surgery, medications, etc.), only the Companion Plus plan will cover illness and cancer.

Reasons to Choose AKC Pet Insurance

AKC reimbursement policies are kept simple and straight to the point. There is no confusing pre-set payment schedule with caps on the benefits. The benefits are based on the customary veterinary fees for the location of your vet. They are also reasonable.

The Companion Select and Plus Plans cover diagnostic testing when it’s not exactly clear what’s wrong with your pet. Since diagnostic testing can cost quite a bit of money this insurance plan will save you lots of money.

Dogs have a habit of swallowing foreign objects. The vet calls this ‘foreign body ingestion’. The AKC Pet Insurance annual plan provides benefits for multiple cases of this, even if a similar incident happened in the same year.

The Wellness Plan also offers dental cleaning for your pet along with any vaccinations, should they be in need. These plans include heartworm control as well as flea and tick removal for a year, based on your pet’s weight.

Not a lot of companies can boast so many include coverages in their more basic plan. Contact AKC insurance for more information today.

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