Banfield Pet Insurance

Pets are part of our families and need routine health check-ups just like the rest of you family. Banfield Pet Insurance makes it easy and affordable to keep your pet healthy. One of Banfield’s greatest qualities is that they break away from the standard pet insurance structure, sometimes paying your premiums whether the insurance is used or not.

Banfield’s plans average the cost of most companies, but they offer several plans (including custom plans) available to meet your pet’s needs.

Twice a Year Physical Exams and Free Office Visits

All Banfield Pet Insurance plans include twice yearly physical exams. The vet will perform an in-depth assessment of your pet’s current health and wellbeing. Some things your pet’s exam may include:

  • Ear, eye, rectal, and dental exam
  • Neurological and cardiovascular evaluation
  • Weight and nutrition counseling
  • Coat and skin evaluation

Banfield takes pride in the small services they offer in addition to accommodating a customer’s need. For this reason, their office visits and calls are free with their plans so if you need to have your pet checked out, you won’t have to worry about the visit fee.

Vaccinations and Diagnostic Testing

All plans include the standard vaccinations recommended for your pet to prevent disease and infection. Banfield’s diagnostic tests can help catch minor issues before they turn into bigger health problems. These tests can also help to establish a baseline of normalcy for your pet’s distinct physiology.

Discounts on Most Banfield Products and Services

When it comes to owning a pet you should always expect the unexpected. Even if your pet is in perfect physical health, you’re not always around to watch them. It helps to be prepared for unexpected situations before they strike. While Banfield Pet Insurance plans can’t include everything, you can still insure them for the most likely scenarios.

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