ASPCA Pet Insurance

While most of us are familiar with health insurance for people, many pet owners don’t realize that a similar option exists for their dogs and cats.
Misconceptions about pet insurance include the cost of coverage, what age of pets may be covered, and which veterinarians accept insurance. ASPCA pet insurance is extremely versatile and they offer a variety of coverage and budget options.

In addition to the coverage policies, they have different levels of coverage, deductibles, and co-insurance offer a plan for any pet care need and budget. Owners can use any licensed veterinarian, specialist, or emergency facility with no referrals or prior authorization needed. Even older pets or those with an existing health issue can be covered under ASPCA pet insurance.

Well-Pet and Emergency Situation Pet Insurance

Many people think that routine examinations and care will not be covered under an insurance plan but that’s completely untrue. With ASPCA, you have the option of choosing a wellness plan that covers routine visits such as annual physicals or vaccinations. Advanced plans include preventative medications for heartworm and fleas and expensive maintenance like dental cleanings.

No matter how careful of an owner you are, emergencies and illnesses can happen. Both dogs and cats may swallow foreign objects that require emergency surgery, and our pets are affected by many of the same ailments we are. Cancer, infections, and other diseases can strike a pet at any time and being prepared for these scenarios is part of being a responsible pet owner.

ASPCA Pet Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

A pet becomes a member of your family. When unexpected health emergencies arise it can potentially cause emotional stress financial hardship for you.
Even routine vet visits can be a burden if you are experiencing difficulty when your pet needs even a simple check-up. Medical advances in pet care have given us many more years of enjoyment with our dogs and cats.

Having pet insurance can help you avoid making a decision between a pet’s health and paying the bills. ASPCA is distinct in the versatility they bring to their clients. They offer a wide variety of plans to suit anyone’s needs. Even if you don’t have a lot of money but want to do something to cover your pet, they can help you accomplish that goal.

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