PetFirst Pet Insurance Reviews

PetFirst Pet Insurance is great at targeting the specific diseases, illnesses, and injuries that are common for cats and dogs. As a result, their coverage plans include things that other companies probably don’t. For example, their plans cover UTIs and renal failure for cats. Cats suffering from a UTI will often display odd behavior and may start peeing in places outside the box. PetFirst knows animals and they have great plans to cover your vet bills.

PetFirst Pet Insurance Reviews and Coverage

PetFirst start by listing all the heavy facts and numbers when it comes to how much people end up spending for the most common problems for their cats and dogs. These numbers can be pretty intimidating, especially if you consider health problems become more and more likely as your pet gets older.

On the front page of their site, you’ll see a comprehensive list of all the diseases and infections that are covered by their plans for both dogs and cats.

The biggest consensus PetFirst Pet Insurance reviews page is the amount people are saving on their vet bills. People see bills for common dog and cat surgeries up to 2000 dollars, of which PetFirst pays out around 90% of the cost with their $100 dollar deductible.

Along with the great comments about price, PetFirst also lists multiple comments about their excellent customer service and how quickly their clients are reimbursed after the vet visit.

Why Use PetFirst Pet Insurance

The two things people usually think about is whether the most likely circumstances are covered and the cost of the plan. PetFirst goes to painstaking lengths to provide customers with a comprehensive list of diseases and illnesses covered by their plan, instead of vague blanket terms used by other companies. Their pet insurance reviews reflect the values they hold as a business and the general opinion holds that they offer great service for great prices.

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