The Insured Pet, a Guide to VIP Pet Insurance

The Insured Pet, a Guide to VIP Pet Insurance

Too many pet owners debate the importance of pet insurance. Often, the value of pet insurance doesn’t become evident until too late.

Making certain your pet is protected in case of an emergency or life threatening event can prevent tons of heartache and painful last minute decisions down the line. Consider your pet’s welfare sooner, rather than later.

When Pet Insurance Comes in Handy

Just like humans, pets require routine care to promote quality of life, to anticipate ailments, and have them addressed promptly. Dental treatments and yearly checkups should be part of any healthy pet care regimen.

Naturally, pet owners don’t want to focus on what could go wrong in the lives of their pets. Who wants to think about their beloved poodle contracting heartworms? Of course one should not dwell on such subjects.

But in the case of purebred dogs and cats, for example, a host of inescapable ailments that will indeed occur over the pet’s lifetime must be contended with beforehand, while the owner is in a calm, healthy state of mind. Pet insurance is an option to consider during these preparatory stages.

Costs: Cheaper Than

Pet insurance is a much cheaper long-term answer to paying for your pet’s various medical needs. What one pays into a plan is far less than the price tag associated with the kinds of veterinary services most pet owners inevitably require. Some basic plans even offer zero copay.

VIP Pet Insurance

When considering insurance for pets, consider the industry leader. VIP pet insurance was the first of its kind. Indeed VIP pet insurance, whose inaugural policy was issued for Lassie, has been offering comprehensive, flexible plans of all types since 1980.

VIP pet insurance plans all have different deductibles, so one can choose one most suited to one’s needs/finances. Recommended most frequently by vets, an enormous network of veterinarians accepts VIP pet insurance is not limited by state borders, providers of emergency care, and even holistic pet healers.

At the VPI website, compare rates, peruse a plethora of plans, receive a quote, email any questions, or read customer reviews.

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